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Archive April 2017

Modern Design Ideas

Paint Different Textures For Walls

Sylvie Bélanger Apr 28, 2017

The battle to define modern style will probably continue, as it is widely debated. But at its root, modern style reflects a certain era. That said, many people incorporate pieces...


Interior Decorators

Tips For Painting Textured Walls

Parnella Neufville Apr 28, 2017

What is the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating? This is a question we hear quite a bit with students who are exploring their training options. There are varied...


Interior Decorators

Small Office Reception Design Ideas

Erembourg Thibault Apr 26, 2017

It seems that the magazine's URL may have violated a trade name belonging to another business, and the website is now down, so here's our take:...


Interior Decorators

Tiny Hair Salon Interior Colors

Pansy Bisaillon Apr 11, 2019

How much does it cost?...


Interior Decorators

Small Living Room Interior Design

Raoul Lacombe Apr 11, 2019

Tip from a pro: Most people have a very hard time deciding what direction they want to take the room, style-wise. Find a piece or a color you like and...


Interior Decorators

Interior Plaster Finish With A Broom

Manon Lamarre Apr 11, 2019

Is hiring an interior designer worth it?...


Decorative Ceiling

Adding Texture To A Ceiling

Pierre Voisine Apr 11, 2019

When you paint your ceiling a lighter color, it can make the walls of the room feel higher and your space look larger. The standard technique of painting ceilings lighter...

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Decorative Ceiling

Stars That Shine On Ceiling

Fifi Ailleboust Apr 11, 2019

Ceiling Painting Tip! Painting your ceiling and walls the same color works best in rooms with flat ceilings as opposed to those with scalloped texture....


Interior Decorators

Modern Interior Banquet Hall Design

Turner Létourneau Apr 11, 2019

Beginning with NCIDQ's definition of interior design, a second rebuttal article continues to outline the author's feelings on the assumption of many (including many architects) that interior design is no...


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