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Awesome Dining Room Color Idea Paint Kitchen 2020 Gallery

Christien Langlois Friday, April 12, 2019 Galley Kitchen

Awesome Dining Room Color Idea Paint Kitchen 2020 Gallery

Assess your space. Though galley kitchens work best in small spaces, they can also be good for medium-sized kitchens, such as the one pictured here. However, be aware that if the opposing runs are too far apart, the kitchen will lose its efficiency. (This kitchen gets it right.)

For example, if a wall is just over 12 feet long, it's likely to have three tall housings at one end and three base units at the other. Typically, there would be wall units, floating shelving or a window above the base units. Along the opposite side you could have wall units, shelving, a window or even a clear wall.

… or asymmetrical. You can opt for an asymmetrical layout instead, using various approaches. One involves focusing tall cabinets or a bank of appliances on one side of the room, with base and wall units on the other. Or you can go with a mix of tall and wall units along one side, with a single run of base units on the other if, for example, you have an open-plan space, as pictured here.

In this kitchen, the island replaces one of the runs to become part of the kitchen layout and functionality. It sits parallel to the longer run of units and typically houses either the range or the sink.

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Dining Room Color Idea Paint Kitchen
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