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Contemporary Recliners

Corette Boivin May 25, 2019

More Features With Stunning Contemporary ReclinersBefore we get into a discussion of contemporary recliners, so it's good if we are talking about recliner itself. Recliner chair with arms is equipped...


Interior Decorators

Modular Office Cubicles And Workstations

Arridano Lapointe Apr 17, 2019

California-based Interior Designer Caitlin Campbell – owner of Symmetry Designs – explained the difference this way:


Interior Decorators

Office Manager With Computer Pictures

Victor Mazuret Apr 17, 2019

While interior designers are also most often qualified to decorate, shaping the aesthetic environment of a space, this is often not their primary job function. The NCIDQ tests design, not...


Modern Design Ideas

Best Roller For Textured Walls

Guerin Martel May 04, 2017

But what does that really mean? Let me break down the differences between modern and contemporary design even further for you....


Interior Decorators

Interior Brick Wall Living Room

Verrill Vadeboncoeur May 10, 2017

Draw out or complete a blueprint of what will be done to the room. This includes any remodeling that may need to take place....


Interior Decorators

Award Winning Auditorium Interior Designs

Hortense Loiselle May 06, 2017

Choose a style and colors for the decor that meet the needs of the client....


Boutique Interior

Walk In Tile Shower Designs

Pierre Voisine May 03, 2017

Take into account, bare fingers choose up more products, and that leads to higher sales....

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Decorative Ceiling

Tongue And Groove Wood Ceilings

Xavier Baril May 02, 2017

If you're thinking about painting your ceiling a darker color than the walls, the technique can be ideal if you want to go for a slight contrast between your walls...


Modern Design Ideas

White On White Wall Painting

Philippe Piedalue May 09, 2017

This philosophy behind the modern style makes it a perfect decorating choice for those who like simple, uncluttered spaces with clean lines and a lack of fussy adornments. It goes...


Galley Kitchen

Small Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Maslin Grandbois May 10, 2017

The clever use of the mirror in this compact kitchen is also worth noting; it creates the impression of a bigger space....

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Modular Office Cubicles And Workstations

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2 Person Workstation Office Desk

Textured Paint Rollers For Ceilings

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Tree Painting On Walls Design

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